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Follow our YouTube channel for training videos demonstrating how to grow into a fully functional analyst using SQL, Python, and Tableau.


Learn SQL, Python, and Tableau from a business intelligence executive through private or group coaching sessions, personalized to your specific career goals.


Comprehensive evaluation of your business intelligence department with recommendations to optimize your practice.

Training Options

Register for Live Private or Group Training

If you are interested in joining live group or private SQL, registration details are shown below. If you are interested in Tableau training, please book a free consultation here or drop us an email: Contact

Advanced SQL for Beginners: 4 Week Accelerator

Advanced SQL for Beginners: 4 Week Accelerator

Group Training:

Begins June 19th, 2024 | Two hours per week Wednesdays @ 6pm EST

Private Training:

Begins June 10th, 2024 | One hour per week on your schedule

Training Strategy:

A 4 week program following the below agenda with several practice assignments between lessons.

Week 1:

SQL Overview, Basic Select Statements, Alias Names, Order By, Filtering using Where, And vs. Or

Week 2:

Table Joins, Aggregation, Filtering Using Having

Week 3:

Math, Common Functions, Case Statements, Subqueries

Week 4:

Common Table Expressions, Window Functions, Views

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Group Training

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Private Training

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Download our Free SQL Training Guide for Self-Paced Learning

If you are interested in self-paced learning, download our SQL training guide for free below. If you have any issues getting started, please book a free trouble shooting session here: Contact

Free 4-Week SQL Accelerator with Practice Problems

If you are interested in a structured 4-week accelerated SQL program, follow our blog here: Blog. If you have any issues getting started, please book a free trouble shooting session here: Contact

I recently completed an online class with Data Coaching, focusing on SQL, Tableau dashboard creation, and even delving into the application of ChatGPT, and it surpassed all my expectations! Led by the incredibly knowledgeable and engaging instructor, Bob, this course provided a comprehensive understanding of SQL alongside practical application in Tableau, with a surprising yet invaluable addition of incorporating ChatGPT. Bob's teaching style is exceptional; he breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks, ensuring that even beginners like me can grasp the fundamentals of SQL. His passion for the subject shines through in every session, making learning enjoyable and motivating. What sets this course apart is its hands-on approach. Not only did we learn theory, but we also dove straight into practical exercises, applying SQL queries to real-world scenarios. This interactive learning method not only solidified my understanding but also boosted my confidence in using SQL effectively. The highlight of the course was undoubtedly the Tableau dashboard project. Bob guided us step-by-step through the process of transforming raw data into insightful visualizations. His expertise in Tableau was evident as he shared tips and tricks to create visually appealing and informative dashboards. Moreover, the unexpected yet delightful addition of learning how to utilize ChatGPT for data analysis was a game-changer. Bob seamlessly integrated this cutting-edge technology into the curriculum, demonstrating its practical applications and expanding our toolkit for data-driven decision-making. The support from Bob was exceptional. He promptly addressed any queries or technical issues, ensuring a smooth learning experience throughout the course. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Data Coaching's SQL, Tableau, and ChatGPT course to anyone looking to enhance their data analytics skills. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to level up your expertise, this class offers invaluable knowledge and practical skills that will undoubtedly propel your career forward. Thank you, Bob, and the entire Data Coaching team and my classmates, for an enriching learning journey!
Bob gets people and really wants everyone to learn how to extract data. If you are able to get with Bob you are lucky. He is able to be so understanding an patience with everyone in his class. I highly suggest you spend some time with Bob. You will walk away ready for the industry.
Great class, Bob is a great instructor he takes the time to ensure that you truly understand the content. I will be taking additional courses in the future, highly recommend, his book is excellent too.
Very structured, informative and worth the time and financial investment. Robert is not only very knowledgeable, he's also patient and takes the time to use different teaching techniques to make sure the material is understood. Looking forward to future learning opportunities with Robert. I wouldn't hesitate recommending, and have recommended him to my friends and family, for any educational classes designed by Robert.

Dashboard Samples

Yahoo Finance Stock History (via Python & Streamlit)

This tool gives users the ability to understand how a specific stock is performing over time. It is refreshed through the previous day.

Superstore Sales Analysis

This dashboard shows sales performance across regions, categories, and month.

NFL QB Comparison Tool

This tool highlights how NFL quarterbacks are performing across various scenarios such as down and distance, personnel groupings, air yards / pass location, etc.

Attrition Analysis

This analysis demonstrates how to run a sample data set through several machine learning models, ultimately selecting the one offering the highest degree of accuracy.

SQL Training Videos

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DBeaver (Desktop SQL Editor)
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Load NFL Play-by-Play Data from Python to SQL

Once you have all your data tools set up, this video will walk you through the steps and code necessary to move the NFL database from Python to your PostgreSQL database. Once the database is available in your PostgreSQL server, you will be able to start writing SQL queries.

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SQL Training: Introduction

Review of your SQL training environment. At this point, you should already have PostgreSQL database, Jupyter Notebook, and DBeaver set-up with NFL Play-by-Play data loaded to PostgreSQL. If you are missing anything listed here, please review the videos above.

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SQL Training: Database and DBeaver Navigation

Learn how to navigate DBeaver to write and execute SQL queries. In addition, explore the NFL Play-by-Play database in DBeaver’s Database Navigator window.

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SQL Training: Select and From Statements

Learn about the basic structure of a SQL query. All queries should have a Select and From statement. Select is where you identify fields to display in the output of a query. From is where you identify the table(s) that those fields reside.

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SQL Training: Selecting Specific Fields with Alias Names

Use column alias names to clean the column labels in the output of a SQL query. This is particularly useful when column names are hard to read or when you create a calculated field.

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SQL Training: Filtering Using Where

Eliminate unwanted records from a SQL query by filtering them out in a Where statement.

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SQL Training: Summarizing Data Using Aggregation

Summarize detailed data into a more compact view. This is very similar to how pivot tables work in Microsoft Excel.

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SQL Training: Filtering Using Having

Eliminate unwanted rollups from a SQL aggregate query by filtering them out in a Having statement. Filtering using Where eliminates detailed records (before aggregation) and filtering using Having eliminates summarized rows (after aggregation).

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SQL Training: Table Joining Introduction

Introduction to connecting multiple tables together in order to use more fields in a SQL query.

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SQL Training: Joining Tables Using an Inner Join

Understand when it is appropriate to use an Inner Join to connect two tables together. An Inner Join will be used when you want to display columns from multiple tables and only include rows when related values exist in both tables.

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SQL Training: Joining Tables Using a Left Join

Understand when it is appropriate to use a Left Join to connect two tables together. A Left Join will be used when you want to display columns from multiple tables and always include rows from the first table even when related values don’t exist in both tables.

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SQL Training: Subqueries

Placeholder. Video to be released shortly.

SQL Training: Common Table Expressions (CTEs)

Placeholder: Video to be released shortly.

SQL Training: Window Functions

Placeholder. Video to be released shortly.

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Load Yahoo Finance Stock Data from Python to SQL

Create a real-life, practical, familiar database that you can use to learn both SQL and Python (for those not interested in NFL football!).

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I’m Robert Simon, a seasoned data analytics professional with nearly two decades of experience across various industries. Currently, I serve as the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business Intelligence at a leading global marketing firm. I thrive on the daily challenges and continuous learning opportunities this dynamic field offers. My true passion lies in empowering aspiring analysts by teaching fundamental data analytics skills and showcasing their real-world applications.

Through our training program, I have helped many individuals transform their careers, enabling them to secure positions with Fortune 500 companies and earn salaries above $100K per year. Book a free consult below!

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